Miniter Was Right

Newsmax Wanda Carruthers reports Tuesday, February 10, 2015 that  Lt. General Jerry Boykin has revealed that Susan Rice and Valeri Jarrett are calling the shots over the Iranian negotiations and the war with Issis, not Barack Obama.  Readers will remember that Stone-Pillow-The -Younger Richard Miniter a well-known international investigative reporter who has written fourteen books including the acclaimed Losing Bin Laden reported at the time of the Osama Bin Laden raid that Valeri Jarrett has twice postponed the raid for months thereby placing the lives of the SEALS and the mission as a whole in danger.  For that report Mr. Miniter was roundly laughed at by the administration and that any suggestion that Valeri Jarrett was anything but an advisor, albeit one protected by a large Secret Service detail for some reason, was dismissed.

Well who’s laughing now.  Read the Newsmax Story here.