We have two cats and a dog.  Spice, Ping-Pong and Sparky.  All summer long you can’t find them.  They’re snoozing in the breeze out on the porch, under my wife’s bed or in the case of the dog laying on the grass outside on his back like he’d been pole-axed.  But then autumn ends like it did today in snow and slush falling out of a roiling gray sky and the temperature drops to freezing.

I shiver “better start a fire” and bang around in the fireplace insert  arranging kindling and dry split pieces of oak, strike a match, the fire leaps up crackling and I warm my hands.  Then turn around.  Yeah there those three reprobates are.  Like magic.  The two cats curled up on the living room chairs closest the fireplace and the dog standing patiently waiting for me to move so he may lay down in front of it,

And there they’ll be for the next five months purring and snoring.  Bravely struggling with the rigors of winter..

As long as I keep lugging in wood and emptying the ashes.  But I love them so I do it.