The Washington Post reports that Prezzy Obama’s speech on terrorism (he’s finally been forced to use that word) is intended to counter the fact that nobody Is listening.  Puzzling.  If no one is listening why keep talking?  I’m reminded of the run up to Obamacare wherein he gave eighty some speeches and public support waned further with each one.  Indeed one wishes that he had given two or three times as many and wound up rooting out even the Democrat controlled House and Senate hunger for it.

Same, same.  I personally do not know anybody who turned on the TV and listened.  Because as we understand by now the guy is irrelevant, at best confused when it comes to that question of Islamic terrorism.  Indeed I believe there isn’t anybody left in the nation who’d give him a badge and a gun and trust him to run a drunk off Main Street.

Or even muster the guts to hang up on an annoying telephone solicitor.