Justice Delayed Is Still Justice

Edgar Arias Tamayo, a Mexican National in his forties will be executed by Texas tonight for the killing of  Guy Gaddis, 24, in 1994 despite demands from Mexico and the U.S. State Department.  Tamayo apparently wasn’t made aware of his rights to meet with a Mexican consul after his arrest.

But  Tamayo was aware enough to conceal a tiny gun in his pants and shoot the young officer in the neck and head three times.  He was also aware enough to take the victim’s necklace and watch and put them on before fleeing the scene.  But in showing how stupid most of these mutts are, not aware to enough to take the key to the handcuffs he had on and later in fleeing couldn’t get off which I assume was the basis for his lawyers claiming he was mentally impaired.

I’m proud of the state of Texas for blowing off the corrupt Mexican government and the even more morally challenged U.S. State Department and executing this guy.  Even though the endless appeals of every death sentence through the U.S. Federal courts drags them out for ten years.

There’s a saying that justice delayed is justice denied which is true but it’s also true that ten years of watching as day by day that syringe full of gone-to-glory juice gets closer and closer – is a form of justice too.

I hope young Guy Gaddis’ fellow officers and above all his family draw whatever solace they can tomorrow morning for being able to wake up in a world where Guy’s killer no longer exists.