It’s A Good Thing I’m An Armed Seasoned Citizen

On the Liberal agenda for the U.S. is the legalization of assisted suicide.  The problem is that it’s a quick step to strongly assisted suicide or what we used to call murder.  In Holland recently a suicide assister (sic) drugged an elderly woman’s coffee and then while the target was screaming “I don’t want to die” the woman had family members hold her down while she administered a lethal injection.  Here.  The Liberal Dutch government investigated and let the murderer walk saying her intentions were good. And besides the old woman might have been suffering from dementia and so society is better off without her no matter how much she wanted to live.

You don’t believe things like this can happen until they do.

It’s one more reason to keep a .357 in your waistband when you hit retirement age. Something which the citizens of Holland and other Socialist nations are denied the right to.

Because they have no Second Amendment.

And of course, no shame.


One thought on “It’s A Good Thing I’m An Armed Seasoned Citizen

  1. As an ensconced deplorable, clinging to his religion and his guns of course, it heartens me to read of like-minded souls (even on the east coast) though I knew there had to be some.

    Though my ancestors are primarily Dutch, it’s Western Europe I pray God keeps us from becoming; makes me shudder.

    I won’t say where my .357 is.

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