Does The Republican Party Offer Any Hope Of A Change In The Progressive Direction Of The Nation?

No. The Republican establishment (by and large) is anything but Conservative except when it comes formulating phony policy positions in order to get elected. They believe, like the Democrats, in an intrusive government, just a better groomed version. Which means that such a “revolution” as is often described will be stillborn. In evidence I offer the fact that not one Republican controlled state government has defunded or abolished their extreme left-wing university’s tenure or proliferation of “progressive” courses, ditto for K-12. Nor have they moved against the extreme left-wing taxpayer funded mental health establishment, welfare establishment, curbed the absurd explosion of damaging zoning laws, tree commissions amd ridiculous environmental regulation at the local government level, dug out the Democrat endemic voter fraud in their big cities, squashed taxpayer funded pro-gay propaganda – a list which goes on and on. Are they occasionally on the side of the angels – yes, do they throw up the occasional great local leader like Scott Walker – yes, but over all the Republican party does not provide fertile soil for any “revolution” as much as they do steady harvest of Paul Ryans, John Kasichs and Jeb Bushs.