Is John Kasich Right?

Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is beached and it’s anybody’s guess whether another fifty million dollars, another hundred celebrity endorsements or hundreds of super-delegates is enough to push the big white whale back into the ocean.

Besides it looks like even if she makes it to the convention beating Bernie fair and square, which would the first time in her life Hillary ever faired and squared anybody, there would be a tremendous revulsion among an amazing number of Democrat women. Especially the downy cheeked Liberal Arts types hoping to see the barn-burning Sandinista from Vermont rivet a worker’s paradise on our backs in order to usher in a fairer, more diverse, inclusive, sensitive and “caring” America.  A nation shorn of any trace of glass ceilings, gluten, soybean oil, fossil fuels, all White Oscars or plastic supermarket shopping bags.

And Hillary can’t afford to have them sit this one out. She needs to shame or frighten every Liberal woman into voting for her just like she needs every minority vote, every government employee, Gay, Lesbian and Transsexual, every radical environmentalist and every inner city Ohioan who cast six or seven ballots in 2012.

Otherwise she won’t win the general.

Because nobody really likes her and the betting is even steven that she’ll be indicted by the Obama administration despite her increasingly pathetic campaign promises to continue his legacy. Not to mention the almost certain wager that a pair of her panties is about to be discovered under the passenger seat in one of Goldman Sachs’ limousines.

But the only other national name the Democrats have in addition to Michelle Obama (wouldn’t that be rich) is Joe Biden and he isn’t much of an alternative. The man certainly looks good in a suit, that is looks presidential, people do like him and if elected he’ll mindlessly support the Liberal agenda while lining the pockets of the Left’s crony capitalists but problems rain down from the sky like the hail of frogs you sometimes get after a tornado whenever the poor smuck opens his mouth.  Something which is true even when he steals his speeches like he did from Neil Kinnock all those years ago and had to drop out of that race for the Presidency.

So unless the Democrat Party gets that great mammal floating again they’ll have to settle on someone else, someone now unsuspected and more to the point unbaggaged like Facebook C.O.O. Sheryl Sandberg.  Or resign themselves to having Donald Trump waterbroad(sic) them with a real vengeance by selecting the Liberal pastiche and sometime native-American ElizabethWarren.

All of which means that John Kasich may be right when he jokes that he’s running in the wrong primary.

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