Hurricane Party

What does mandatory mean?  Specifically what does mandatory evacuation mean when people stay or go at their own discretion.  I personally don’t what the “authorities” are issuing these non-binding hurricane  “mandatory evacuation orders.”  The local police?  The town, county or state government?  The weather bureau? The Feds?  It couldn’t be the Feds because the “mandatory evacuation order” would be held up in court for months as various and sundry groups sue because the evacuation centers don’t offer an equal number transgender porta-potties or nutrition labels in Arabic on the emergency rations being handed out.

hurricane-partyBut whoever is issuing these orders they must realize that as far as hurricane evacuations go the definition of mandatory is pretty slippery because thousands and thousands are staying behind to have a hurricane party, surf, meet some chicks and generally have a high old time.

God bless these United States.

P.S. Got and e-mail from a woman in Hull in the U,K., which gets flooded regularly who after looking at the photos above wrote very indignantly “well of course they stay behind – the waters warm.”

Which is a good point because if it was the Artic Ocean which was offering these lingerers a swim we wouldn’t be having this discussion.