How To Win An Argument With a Liberal

A long-time friend of mine and the best bear hunter in the Catskills allowed his success was due to his understanding of how a bear acts when you’re hunting him or her.   That is  as soon as the bear realizes he’s (she’s) being followed it picks out a nice high hill and run up it in a straight line.  Then at the top the bear always turns around, lays down, looks down and waits.  Eventually you show up down there and start up after him.  Instantly the bear stands up, turns around and runs down the reverse slope as fast as it can in a straight line.  Then it reaches the bottom runs either right or left circling the back to where you started your climb.  The object being to give the bear a laugh when huffing and puffing you make it to the top and see the bear down there precisely where you started.

Needless to say it only took a few of these incidents before my buddy would start walking up until more or less certain the bear started his run down the other side, then he’d turn around, scramble back down, load his rifle and sure enough in about twenty or thirty minutes later here comes the bear from one direction or another with his tongue hanging out looking to make a fool of you.

Liberals follow the same philosophy in any contest of reason, lead you on until your huffing and puffing atop the summit of your logic when you look down and see they’ve circled right around to where your work first began.  So don’t go up that hill, no good can come of it.  Just wait where you are and give them both barrels at point black range when they show up again.

Okay yes I know, you have to think about this.  So?