How Another Society Treats Children

Below is an excerpt from AMREN Ukraine: Last Bastion Of Whiteness?  Read full article here.

Ukrainians love children. They look at every child as one of their own, and think it is their responsibility to take good care of them. An anecdote: About five o’clock on a fall afternoon I took my two-year-old son for a ride on the train that circles Kiev. The 25-mile route takes a bit more than an hour. There were lots of people on the train, and he took off his outer clothing as he got hot. Then he said he was hungry. I got off at the next stop, son in one arm and clothes in the other, looking for a bench to sit down and dress him for the 50-degree weather.

Before I could find one, I was surrounded by six women who insisted that he was freezing. Well and good–I gave them the clothes, which they put on him with great speed. I thanked them, but they would not let me go. They followed me a quarter mile to the grocery store where I bought him something to eat, and were waiting outside when I emerged with a banana and yogurt. They demanded to know whose child he was.

The American in me was annoyed. It was none of their business. However, my Ukrainian sensibilities told me to be thankful that they cared that much. I called his mother on the phone and she explained everything to the ladies, after which they escorted me, all smiles, back to the train station.