Hi Ho Hillary

Conservatives seem resigned to the strategy of watching Obamacare lurch from disaster to disaster while firing lawsuits at whatever Constitutional cracks emerge.  The idea being to keep it wounded and limping until a future Republican majority in both houses coupled with a Republican President will finally allow everybody to stand up, grab a leg, and heave this alligator out of the boat.

But will those stars will ever align?  It’s questionable because despite its travails it looks like Obamacare is doing exactly what it’s intended to do, that is herd more and more peoples into Medicaid’s substandard care where it is assumed, they will become Democrat voters.  Then there’s the fact that Obama isn’t running again and we’re not going to be able to hang the Obamacare disaster on Hillary Clinton.  She bailed before the roof fell in and Bill Clinton is in his “more in sadness than anger” mode lately is quite firmly and quite successfully distancing Hillary from the implementation fiasco. 

Besides Hillary’s a white who will carry the black vote, a woman who will carry a lot of independent women, will have lost thirty pounds and fresh faced and energetic look like a new broom.  Maybe much more so than her Republican opponent.  And what will the nation want at the end of Obama’s term?  Yes, a new broom.  Can’t be done?  Horse-droppings.  Remember James Michael Curley?  Remember Robert Wagner, he was mayor of New York for one or two terms, I forget how many, and when the Carmine Desapio Tammany Hall corruption scandal broke implicating him, he ran as the reform candidate.  So if Hillary runs, she’ll probably win.  Especially since a lot of people now look back on the Clinton years with fondness.

The good news is that with a Republican Congress a much less ideological Hillary can be prevailed upon to shrink the size of Government because at two thirds the size, there’s still plenty to steal.