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Much to do about my posting in American Thinker today entitled Megyn Kelly And The Sandberg Head Shaker read it here

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  • ThePeeledEyean hour ago
  • Mr. Miniter: I am a fan of Megyn Kelly, but you are so right. The trite, stale phrases and thinking of her feminist guest was out of a time warp, and offered no new insights.. Sandberg’s plastered smile, in my view, was dissimulating. It is something regularly adopted these days by a number of Democrat operatives we see on FOX. On first appearance, the “smile” is pleasant. After a number of milliseconds, it is creepy and seemingly manipulative.Unfortunately, even many impressive women find it necessary to wrap themselves in the protective armor of feminism. I sometimes think that they do this as a hedge against possible criticism, especially when they find themselves in a demanding, and more competitive environment.By the way, I always enjoy your comments.
  • Laurel26 minutes ago
  • I’m glad to see someone else saw what I did. I think Megyn Kelley let her ramble because she agrees with her. I have to add I didn’t even watch the second part. Sandberg is a leftist feminist. Nothing more.And for the record…I don’t see Sandberg as any sort of a leader of anything. What is she leading?
  • rebelwithacause2 hours ago
  • Oh, Mr. Miniter how right you are.First thank you for writing about this because I saw this show and it was so over the top that I actually brought it up when talking to another female who like myself, have come to realize that the feminist movement of today and its so called leaders is just as clueless as their predecessors were and any women who has the common sense that God gave her needs to ignore this tripe because that is what it is – tripe bulls**t.I normally do not watch Ms. Kelly’s show. The timeslot just doesn’t work for me most of the time but I have heard that she is great at what she does. Not sure why I caught this one but after the first 5 minutes of watching it, my mouth was open from the shock of what I was hearing from this young woman who had no clue about what she was talking about. What really blew my mind as you so aptly described was the fawning over by the so-called incisive, normally informed, Ms. Kelly (your words, definitely not mine after seeing this show) regarding the ridiculous statements being made by this “brilliant” COO. I kept thinking – did I miss something here because this “brilliant” woman sounded like the typical feminist who really didn’t have a clue on reality. There was not one question from Ms. Kelly as you mentioned on how this Sandberg’s gobblygook positions and observations were relevant to a woman in this day and age.I actually had to shut the program off in order to bring down my blood pressure. I do not think that I will be watching Ms. Kelly’s show again. I have no time for fools or their bulls**t. Ms. Kelly, if you are your own producer, I would suggest that you fire yourself.Good, now I feel better. That show bothered me for days.