Open Carry Has Guardian Heads Exploding

Yesterday the Guardian on-line newspaper ran a feature about open carry in Texas, it triggered (pun intended) over a thousand comments and I learned a lot from spending an hour or so with them.  One is that many Brits who are themselves afraid to visit High Street (what they call Main Street) at night because of the drunken CHAVs who will assault them like to pretend that Texans who rarely feel that fear, are the fearful ones.  I suppose because it makes them feel more like men.  Two is that these same people make a lot of things up like the guy who says he is a “keen shot” with shotguns, pistols and submachines guns but still hates guns.  Three is that there’s a considerable number of male anti-gunners out there who think a lot about other men’s penises and at least one anti-gun middle aged woman who fantasizes about leering Texans jumping her bones on her way to the ladies room.  So thank you Guardian for an amusing hour or so.  Read the original article here.