Greek Orthodox Metropolitan On Gay Marriage Parodies


Hat Tip Fr. David Coady

… Consequently, my hierarchical instructions to all the clergy who belong to this Metropolis, and to the military chaplains under my oversight, are to react pastorally in denying any and all who may seek the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony for a same-sex marriage. You are to inform them that by doing so you would be betraying the holy priesthood of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who established the Church through His death and resurrection; and that, if you were to do so, you would be defrocked from the holy priesthood by an ecclesiastical tribunal.

I am confident that all of our holy clergy in this Metropolis will continue to honor our holy vocation and will remain faithful to the teachings of the Church. In this way, all of us —clergy, monastics, and laity —will continue to live our lives as best as we can, in harmony with the life-giving teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ which will lead us into His everlasting Kingdom.

With Paternal Blessings,

Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver