Get Your Facts Straight Please

Here’s a back and forth between me and “Richardsmith” in the Telegraph.  Instructive because Richardsmith  throws up very common points in defenses of the South but they do more harm than good.

  • Dan, I’m a liberal but it’s not the South that needs to get it’s history facts right, it’s you!

    Consider the following:-

    1. Lincoln made the emancipation speech not because he wanted to but because the army of the Potomac was losing battle after battle and Britain looked like entering. He knew Palmeston wouldn’t join with the South if slavery was abolished.

    2. Anti black riots happened in New York and Boston throughout the war.

    3. It’s an inconvenient truth that many blacks wanted to fight for the South during the war.

    4. The war was mainly about breaking state rights to secede and the power of the corporate State. Why shouldn’t the South celebrate their stand against the oligarchs.

    Please get your facts right in future.

    • stonepillow v. richardsmith

      I’m a dyed in the wool Southern partisan with an great uncle who died fighting under Jackson at Second Manassas – I can take you to the place at Deep Cut where he died.  But your “facts” are either wrong or half-true.  The was no emancipation speech, the was a document which was issued after Lee was beaten at Antietam.  The Draft riots were anti-black but took place after the draft was instituted not “throughout” the war.  Very few blacks wanted to fight for the South.  You fifth point is mostly true.  So wow, you score 20%.