From Beef To Horse To Donkey

Europeans, or at least a great number of them, eat horse meat.  I believe they do in Quebec as well, but I’m not sure of that although I wouldn’t buy a burger from anybody north of the ST Lawrence with a French accent.  But the British like the Americans don’t and there’s an ongoing scandal in the UK about frozen lasagna and assumedly ground beef school lunches actually consisting of  horsemeat.  Which scandal suddenly deepens with a report that some of it might have been made of donkey. (See the Daily Mail today.)

Possibly the basis of a good metaphor for the progression of both our federal government and our public educational system if I can puzzle out how to work it.

Meanwhile the silver lining in the above scandal might be that it gets more Brits brushing their teeth, which, everyone will admit, is a good thing.  Especially since with NHS dentistry some of them have to drill out their own cavities at home.