Four German Shepherds

IMG_0267A couple of months ago I blogged here about people who annoy you with their indulged young children here.  A word should be said about indulged dogs.  For about five years we owned and ran a Vacation Rental property called The Winterberry House.  It was the most popular Vacation Rental in the Hudson Valley and one of the reasons was I forbade all pets.

However pushy pet owners would never give up – writing and calling to tell me how well-behaved their dogs were.  Once when I contracted for a long family weekend with a man he called me up several weeks before the scheduled check-in date explaining that he had a major problem with his wife.  Her sister had been incessantly badgering her with complaints about not being able to take her dogs and he asked if I wouldn’t make an exception.  I said “absolutely not” and that if it was a deal breaker I’d return their deposit.

He half-heartedly argued with my for a while then rang off.  The weekend arrived they checked and at check-out four days later he took me aside.  “I just want to thank you Mr. Miniter.  This is the first family reunion in years I haven’t had to put up with those four barking, snapping fucking German Shepherds.”