They’re Banning Freedom Again

The Federal Food and Drug Administration has banned trans-fats.  Well banned them three years out so you still have time to clog your arteries.  Many people view excluding trans-fats from your diet as a good thing and I guess I do too.  But the risks of trans-fats are well known, so those consuming them are making an informed decision and the real question becomes : If this is a free country why can’t you eat what you want?

Besides everybody familiar with the process of banning knows that it won’t stop with trans-fats.  Butter is a target, whole milk, wild salmon (high lead content), white bread, eggs, the areas in which your government can restrict what you eat are endless, only limited the imagination of those conceived and dedicated to the proposition that your health is their concern.

At the root of this is a left-wing view of society a zero sum game.  Marxists take a snapshot of some resource like health care, divide it up to determine everybody’s “fair share” and if you knowingly eat Kumquats and make yourself sick maybe you’re taking more health care than you’re entitled to.

The freedom loving have a different point of view, that there is no finite amount of anything.  That a free people create things as they want them.  And nobody least of all some miserable socialist with a trained ration clerk’s mind has any business telling us we can’t.

Or cannot eat a boxcar load of Twinkies if we choose.