FlameWarrior7 On Racism

flamewarrior7 American Thinker Comments 5/12/2015)

Finally someone understands the truth–racism is everywhere. Christianity is racist. Jesus was racist. Judaism is racist. Islam is racist. Shinto is racist. Hinduism is racist. You are racist. I am racist. God is racist.
The sun is racist. The moon is racist. Children are racist. Bunnies are racist. Kittens are racist. Puppies are racist. Everyone and everything are racist.
This needs to be understood–clearly understood. Blacks can not be held responsible for their actions. They can not be held responsible for how others perceive them. Blacks are victims.
Air is racist. The sky is racist. Water is racist. Planet Earth is racist. The Universe is racist.
Blacks are basically robots programmed by their racist environment. They can not be held to the same standards as EVERYONE ELSE on Planet Earth. Blacks are unique. They are special. They are innocent of every crime they commit. They are not responsible for their thoughts, emotions, actions, behaviors, wishes, wants, and dreams.
Blacks are angels. They are children. They are kind and loving “spirits” that we racist Earthlings corrupt.

The bunnies are especially racist.