Ferguson Newsflash

In their ultimate gesture of protest the rioters in Ferguson Missouri have decided to go on strike.  Will no longer accept the Welfare, Food Stamps, Free pre-school, Free Primary and Secondary Education, Free Cell Phones, Section 8 Housing Assistance, WIC Stamps, Food Pantries, Free Medical Care and preferential treatment in College admissions with which the wider mainly White and Racist American society has been keeping them in subjugation.

They will however continue to accept the free services of the Public Defenders Office.

sneakersBut the good news out of Ferguson is that no bookstores have been looted by flash mobs, the organic vegetable sections of Supermarkets have been left untouched and after the second Foot Locker was overrun the Salvation Army Thrift store in Ferguson was deluged in donations of used sneakers with gold laces.