xcrpt Frm n Ml T n f My Grndghtrs

Excerpt From An E-Mail To One Of My Granddaughters

Did you know that the reason you or I cannot easily read papers from the early Middle Ages (do you know when that was?) is that they left the vowels out.  Even though they pronounced the words with the vowels in.  But in writing – no a,e,i,o or u.  If I wrote “have a good day Micaela” like that it would look like this:
Hv a gd dy Mcl.
Hey I just had a thought.  When you grow up and if you have a daughter you can give her a name that doesn’t have any vowels in it like: Gyn or Prb.  That was she’ll never feel left out (lft t)  hah,hah,hah.
Love you to pieces Grandpa3456 or as you might write it down in the early Middle Ages – Lv y t pcs Gndp3456
Here what she replied:
Thts nc. I ws n my pjms ll dy. I pntd my nls, shvld a bt nd ls clnd my rm a lttle bt. thy lrdy cncld schl fr tmrrw. hv a gd wk frm, Mcl.