Mark Levin must have enjoyed my article Bring On The Elephants (about his proposed Constitutional Convention) in American Thinker because he tweeted it.

I just bought an anvil, yes an anvil, through Amazon – who knew?

I’m on a campaign about the word decimate.  Any number of news readers and politicians are working it into their speech recently meaning destroy, injure, hurt, damage or wound.  But what it means is kill one out of every ten.

Not ever discussed in any parenting article or four minute parenting segment on TV that I know of is – teaching children to both define and evaluate art.  But I am shortly going to tell you how to do this with one simple rule.  So plug into

Prediction – Duck Dynasty goes to twenty million viewers and Hollywood frantically tries to hire any number of new writers with hillbilly cred as a modest trend towards beards  surfaces among Conservative men and some angry Lesbians (with the help of hormone injections of course) the latter in hopes that a hairy face will stave off LBD.  But nothing ever does.  Or should.