Effective Gun Crime Control

Want to reduce crimes with guns? Here’s four easy steps.  Legalize “stop and frisk” nationwide which the NYPD used for a decade to cut the gun homicide rate in half and the Liberals abandoned because they felt it might violate somebody’s human rights.  Black Gun CrimeInstitute Project Exile (mandatory Federal prison for guns used in crimes) nationwide which the Bush administration used to effectively reduce gun crime in northern Virginia and the Obama administration watered down and for all practical purposes killed.  Change the fact that in the cause of “human rights” States will pay an infinite amount of money for lawyers to prevent dangerous mentally disturbed young people like Adam Lanza from being confined in a mental institution and so parents without the same resources and who know what the real deal with these children is, must give up trying.  Fund gun sniffing K-9s for every police department nationwide (no matter how small) so that every traffic stop of young or suspicious people can establish probable cause for searches.

But no all the Obama administration wants to do is score political points and not offend its left-wing bleeding heart base by beating up on the law-abiding. Plus cater to the same base by demonizing the NRA which does support these and many other effective measures,