Drew Belsky Nails It


In  piece in American Thinker entitled Can You Spare $250 For Raging Liberalism by Drew Belsky appears this paragraph.  Good advice for all of us.  Read the full piece here.

“Don’t get me wrong – I’m not much of a bomb-thrower in my personal life.  I wince at my phone when it rings, and I prefer to finish conversations without fanfare.  But I’m starting to realize that we fail as conservatives when we refuse to respond to liberals’ offensive maneuvers in our day-to-day.  We don’t have the luxury of shrinking back – of putting up with abhorrent ideas, of letting people assault our ears with this nonsense – in the interest of keeping the peace.  While we conservatives are avoiding controversy, raising our families, and trying to build a life-sustaining economy, our liberal counterparts are agitating twenty-four hours a day for the destruction of what we love.  They can afford to; too often, the government pays them to do it.”