Dowd Nails It

Quote of the day from Maureen Dowd:

Barack Obama started off as a man self-consciously alone on stage and that’s how he is exiting. He is, for better and worse, too cool for school. His identity is defined by his desire to rise above the fray. Unfortunately, he is in politics, which is the fray.

Regrettably in the same piece Dowd then falls back on her stock-in-trade; the clever upper East Side left-wing claptrap of a class still wetting their panties over Obama and his “elegant” family.


In a way I’m sorry Obama is running again because with Michelle out there as a target Trump would have even more fun with his Twitter account.

Anyway Dowd has a way with words, even in the service of a frayed cause.  Only I wish the sixty-four year old woman had enough confidence in herself to stop using her high school year book photo in the New York Times on-line.