Don’t Let Her Hand You Anything Else Boss

Near me we have a walking, biking, running path called the RailTrail because many miles of it follow the graded route of an old rail line. Much if not most of it is deep in the today’s woods with a number of pull offs where you may park in order to use the trail.

Micaela, Mattison's Friend & Sparky June 2009One day some time ago I parked in one to take a walk with my Golden Retriever Sparky (pictured at left with Grandchildren.)  Previously offended by trash lying about I had brought along a large heavy plastic  trash bag and with Sparky watching curiously I went around picking up the litter. I was just about finished when a station wagon pulled in and the woman driving saw what I was doing.

“Stop” she yelled imperiously so I stopped.

Then she quickly parked, got out and opened the rear door of her wagon. From it she removed a big bundle of McDonald’s bags and wrappers and another white plastic bag full of stinky disposable diapers.  Then she trotted over and without a word, or a thank you, stuffed them into the garbage bag I was holding.

I looked at Sparky, he looked at me and we both kind of shrugged.

Just the other day I had Sparky in the truck and I pulled into a Stewart’s shop in Hurley to get milk and eggs. Guess who pulled in next to us?  The same woman in the same station wagon.

I looked at Sparky and he looked at me. The expression on his face seemed to say  “don’t let her hand you anything else  boss.”

“Got it” I nodded my head and followed her in to get my milk and eggs.