Demographics Count

James PolkPresident James Polk’s grandfather Ezekiel had eight children, 80 grandchildren and over six hundred great grandchildren.  This meant that Ezekiel and his wife could pioneer a wilderness valley in Tennessee and before they died ride fifty miles of cleared ground, passing houses and barns and never once be out of sight of one of their descendant’s farms.

The point being that the white conquest of the country, the white breaking of this land and making it livable was inevitable as long as that demographic existed and the Indian’s population growth stayed at where it was during this epoch – at essentially zero.  Similarly fifteen hundred years ago the Roman Empire in the west collapsed when its zero or less than zero population growth was overwhelmed by the rapidly increasing populations of the tribes beyond the frontier.

Something similar is going on in Europe today with its static population under arabsenormous pressure from the metastasizing Moslem population just to the south in Northern Africa.  A population which has far outstripped its land’s ability to support it. Immigration should be viewed in the light of this historical and ongoing  experience.  Cultures can vanish.  Europeans have stopped having children in the number they once did.  But yet it’s a circumstance which can change as it recently has in Israel where the rate of Jewish population growth has surpassed that of the Moslem and so the world’s only Jewish state and the historical homeland of the Jews no longer faces the possibility of the Jewish population becoming a minority.