Democrat Front Runners For 2020

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Somehow the United States has to learn to relax.  We just finished the long and jangling roller coast ride of the 2016 Presidential election and the media is already fulminating about the 2020 match-up with Trump.  So with nothing better to do while it’s snowing a blizzard outside let me give you my two cents about the current (according to the New York Post) Democrat front runners:


Left to right Mark Cuban, Andrew Cuomo and Elsbeth Warren.  Cuban hasn’t a chance because Americans don’t like candidates with a prognathian jaw.  Cuomo is a loser because he has the personality of a rodent dragging a slice of pizza along a subway platform and Warren’s out because voters will recognize her as one of those social worker types who couldn’t organize a family between two rabbits and besides, she’s forever stuck with the nickname Pocahontas and I wouldn’t put it by Trump to mock her with a whoo, whoo, whoo war dance on the stage at the debates.

So not a lot there.

Maybe if they can get enough fluids into her the Democrats could run Hillary again?

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