“cultural revolution” is a loud minority movement

A response to another reader by Borghesius contains this gem.
Borghesius Poor Wilber2 hours ago

… Ideas survive because they work, because many many people of goodwill foster and care for them, philosophers and fishmongers and old wives try them, and either find them wanting or discard them.

The entire 1960’s to now “cultural revolution” was and is a loud minority movement, a parasite on the rest of society, feeding on the productivity of those who work, and work hard to keep the country going, bearing and raising children, taking raw materials and turning them into objects of value.   The ever expanding government and lawyers sectors are glommed on, not realizing that they have to stay small is size to avoid killing the host.

Note: People’s Handles are interesting.  Borghesius was a Dutch politician (1847-1917) so obviously, there is a story here.