Cow Chips, Cowboys, Cowboy Breakfast


Read about the thirty fifth annual Cowboy Breakfast in San Antonio here on the San Antonio Homepage.

“The menu included 45,000 breakfast tacos; 10,000 tamales; 8,000 biscuits with sausage; 5,000 sausage wraps; 5,000 pastries; 2,500 servings of biscuits with gravy — and 5,000 pints of milk and orange juice and tens of thousands of cups of coffee to wash it all down.

The event also featured live music and a cow chip contest, which was moved back an hour because of the weather. Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed, County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson and St. Philip’s College President Adena Williams Loston were slated to compete.”

For those of your from the northeast a cow chip is what we call a cow flop and Cow Chip contest is, I presume, a test to see how far the contestant can throw one.

The breakfast marks the opening of the stock show and commemorates the cowboy traildrivers who once drove the stock hundreds even a thousand miles to railways in the north.

Stuff like this is why Texas is so much fun, that and drive-in beer stores.