Conned And Embarrassed

On Monday 12/28/2015 American Thinker ran a blog piece by me entitled The Same Face.   An anti-abortion work which recounted my emotional response to seeing a picture of a baby’s who had survived an abortion and would now be killed by refusing Baby They Will Not Resusitateresuscitation.  Something which happens in this world.  But I was shocked at how closely the face of that baby resembled my granddaughter’s at birth, showed both photographs and ruminated about the far different fate of the two infants.  All well and good however as alert readers pointed out the picture of the first nameless baby was actually that of a premature baby being saved by medical intervention.  Very well named and very well loved by her parents thank you.

Now I’m a never-complain-never-explain guy, an ex-Marine, ex-Police Chief and father of six but I feel it necessary to put it in plain words to readers, including the one or two fans I have out there, what happened.  I was a chump, got conned and can only assure them that I will do back-flips in the future in order to assure that it doesn’t happen again.   But do amply deserve whatever disapprobation anybody wants to throw my way.

Meanwhile I had copied the photo from a legitimate right-to-live website at who had pulled it from another (Live Action) where it purportedly was viewed some 7,000,000 times.  So it’s been misrepresented all over the Web not just to me and I have to say doing things like this does not help the Right-To-Life cause one bit.  Quite the contrary.

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.