Buy Your Government Batteries Here

The Guardian today reports a government breakthrough by Federal research agency, Arpa-E in next generation of storage batteries could transform the US electrical grid within five to 10 years.  It goes on to report that Arpa-E has beaten private researchers in this quest.  Read it here.

Hold onto your hats though, because the smart money understands that as politicians take the bow (which the Guardian is ideologically driven to give any government interference in the free market) the operative words are “could transform.”

Because these government directed energy technology programs are only economic if private enterprise is forbidden to compete either by outlawing it outright or making private alternatives more expensive through legislation. Witness the banning of the incandescent light bulb. The inescapable fact is that there is more available energy stored in a pound of coal than any 454 gram government battery. And you can dig the net pound of coal cheaper than you can recharge that battery they’ll force for you to buy after they outlaw coal.

Just like they force you to buy cheap gas diluted with expensive ethanol and bang on and on about what a successful sustainable environmental program and free market product that corn-based product is.  Not to mention how many votes it gets the Fascist Corporate Staters in Iowa where many corn farmers are only too happy to get another government check.