Bullet Points About After The Election

Rich Lowry had an op-ed in The New York Post on November 10th entitled Obama’s main legacy: the collapse of the Democratic Party.  But after what he tried to do to stop Trump and his reader’s response perhaps somebody should write one entitled Rich Lowry’s main legacy: the collapse of National Review.


The staging never stops. Touching photo of Hillary accidentally bumping into a  mother and child on a hiking trail ( Hillary able to hike?) in New York.  Only it turns out the young mother is the daughter of a major Hillary contributor.  Then touching photos of children chalking messages of support on the sidewalk outside Hillary’s Brooklyn headquarters.  But can anyone imagine an eight year old in Scarsdale asking “Mom can you drive me to Brooklyn so that I can chalk a message of love to Hillary on the sidewalk?”


We should again ask ourselves why Leftist rioters smash and burn best in their own Liberal precincts. I believe it’s because they feel safe there. After all it’s difficult to imagine a couple of dozen courageous anti-Trump rioters leaving Manhattan, which did vote for Hillary, and transferring their affections to Biloxi Mississippi which did not but in which, nearly every citizen owning a glass fronted shop on Main Street is armed to the teeth.


Thanks to a public spirited informant in Obama’s White House we have obtained a transcript of the conversation occurring at the moment the below photo was taken:


Michelle Obama: Well Melania I hoped you have enjoyed the tour of the Executive Mansion I gave you?

Melania Trump: Oh yes Michelle and I can’t wait to move in.

Michelle Obama: Is that so?

Melania Trump: Yes, you might not believe it but for our entire married life Donald and I have been roughing it in the four story penthouse of a gleaming fifty-eight story skyscraper we own in Manhattan overlooking Central Park.