Bruce Jennerette



Desperately trying to avoid banner headlines and multiple color photographs of the Bruce Jenner makeover I checked in with Guardian on-line today.  Yet there it was again although thankfully confined to one of the Guardian’s little headline boxes because out of respect for the departed the Guardian hasn’t bannered anything since Karl Marx’s funeral.

Sex change is one of history’s insanities.  We all know that you can mutilate someone’s body to appear like one of the opposite sex and that you can pump them full of hormones to grow man boobs or facial and chest hair.  But we also know that the instant you stop the body tries to return to the sex it was genetically hard-wired to be.  So there is no and cannot be any Ms. Jenner – not really.  But we pretend.

Just like the Guardian pretends there is never a justified U.S. Police shooting or supporters of the rapidly aging and clueless Mrs. Clinton pretend she offers the nation an uplifting vision of the future.