Bill Meisler ‘s Comments On: How Many Refugees Can Dance On The Head Of A Pin

Dear Mr. Miniter,

I agree with your observations concerning Europe’s leaders, but one should remember that false leaders need false followers. All Europeans have been living in a fairyland for the past seventy years thanks to Uncle Sam keeping the neighborhood safe for the Europeans while the Europeans have continued to indulge in the same fantasies that in one way or another have characterized the whole course of European history since the ideas of the French Revolution and  German idealism started to take hold of the continent over two hundred years ago, all the while taking pot shots at the very American hand that feeds them. Under such conditions it is easy to loose one’s instincts and even inclination for self-preservation — or put more bluntly, it is easy to lose one’s sense of smell.

Since the time of the French Revolution and of Kant and the German universal idealists Europe has been shedding its spiritual roots and integrity for a gooey, juvenile and ill-focused utopianism, which has provided the proper soil for the present opportunism of the invaders from the South. Such a potentially significant demographic shift in Europe has not been seen since the hordes of Germans, Vikings and Slavs descended from the north more than fifteen hundred years ago over a demoralized and tottering Roman Empire.

What better place to feature this utopianism than in the nation of its birth, Germany? And what could be more ironic than that the former invaders from the North are now themselves being invaded from the South?

How quickly the facts and lessons of history are forgotten. Orban and the Hungarians are suitably concerned and have been erecting barriers to keep the migrants out, which has earned them nothing but contempt in the European press and the chancelleries of official Europe. The Hungarian people for centuries served as one of the essential bulwarks against the expansion of Muslim influence into Europe via the Ottoman Empire once the Turks had overcome the Byzantine Empire. Turkey and its Muslim culture were still very much a presence in the Balkan peninsula until about one hundred years ago, and in fact remnants of that Muslim presence still exist and are foci of persistent religious discord in Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece. In contrast, the Germans turned back the Muslim hordes in 732 AD under Charles Martel at Tours, thus saving Western Europe for Christendom long ago, while the Spanish in 1492 expelled the Moors from the last parts of the Northwestern Mediterranean, even as the Venetians and other Christian states in the Eastern Mediterranean continued to confront the ever aggressive Saracen in that region.

The recent dramatic pictures in the press of the swarms of Muslims marching on Vienna from Budapest had the look of a crusade in reverse —  more like the People’s Crusade of 1096 or even the Children’s Crusade of 1212 rather than the crusades of the likes of Richard the Lionhearted. But these modern day Muslim crusaders nearly all have as their goal not Jerusalem or Vienna but Germany, their Promised Land. Some of these migrants are even walking around with large picture placards of Angela Merkel hanging from their necks. Countries like Greece, Italy and Hungary in a sense are playing the same role that the Byzantine state played with regard to the European crusaders en route to the Holy Land.

I think back to Germany in 1933. At that time there were 500,000 highly productive native Jews in Germany, whom the German gentile majority chose to reject as aliens and who wound up either being forced out of the country after being abused and robbed or brutally killed in concentration camps. Only 500,000 souls, less than one percent of Germany’s total population at that time. And now today, in just one year, Germany is having to take in and deal with 800,000 burdensome aliens, with no end in sight. Before long Germany could be totally overrun by such aliens.

The German government talks a good game about Germany’s obligation to be a good host to these migrants, a very German way of putting it. The German politicians are practically preening as they talk about how moral and responsible Germany has been acting in this matter, how Germany — being the most powerful state in Europe, as they are quick to remind everyone — will shoulder the burden and provide the leadership, how the other Europeans must go along with the utopian moral imperatives involved in dealing with this influx as conceived by the German elites and their EU confrères. Some German politicians have already called for raising taxes in order to support the migrants. Meanwhile, crowds of Germans have shown up and cheered loudly upon the arrival of the migrants at various rail stations in Southern Germany as if these migrants were local soldiers returning from some great campaign (as opposed to invaders), or at least a soccer team which had just won the World Cup.

Just yesterday I read a column in one of the German newspapers online predicting that future generations the world over will marvel at Germany’s achievements in the post WW2 era:  the dissociation from Nazism, the post war “economic miracle,” the reunification of Germany, and Germany’s present handling of the refugee crisis. Is there no end to German arrogance and self-absorption? At least Pericles had the brilliance of fifth century BC Athens to back up his predictions of immortality for his city.

Meanwhile, there have already been riots in German cities, some of which have been staged by neo-Nazi groups, while other demonstrations have been held by protesting Germans not affiliated with the neo-Nazis. These demonstrations will likely increase as friction continues to rise between Germans and the increasing numbers of disorderly, demanding and ungrateful migrants crowding all over the country who will need to be supported by the parsimonious and order-conscious Germans. You can be sure that any resistance to delusional utopianism will be exclusively chalked up to hateful and thoroughly nasty right wing groups, both in Germany and abroad, as a way of discrediting those who do not wish to conform to the utopian consensus.

What do those many Germans who eagerly support the influx of migrants really want out of all this? I think it is more than simply to indulge in their cherished utopian views, as strong an inducement as that utopianism certainly is. In view of the events of WW2 I think they want to prove to the world that not all Germans are monsters; and even more I think they wish to prove that point to themselves. And if the Germans have to force the rest of Europe to make sacrifices in order to prove that point which the Germans so desperately want to make, and with predictable German thoroughness and single-mindedness, then the Germans are more than prepared to try to force the other Europeans to do so.

In America there are likewise many Americans who wish to prove to the world that not all Americans are monsters. The remarkable difference vis-à-vis Germany is that America has no reason to prove that point, except in the minds of Obama and those like him whose self-loathing, spiritual emptiness and childish utopianism impel them to do so.

As I watched videos of the Germans cheering on the migrants arriving in the Munich train station, I couldn’t help thinking of the Twilight Zone episode entitled “To Serve Man.” Do you know it?

Bill Meisler