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Guest Editorial:

From Tredshift in AT Comments:

When the Democrats talk about More Money for Education, they are talking about Higher Teacher Salary and Benefits….this has NOTHING to do with actually “educating” a Child.

I lived for quite a few years on Long Island, NY. The property Taxes there are among the Highest in the Country…not that you’d know it from walking down the street….75% of our taxes went to pay for Public sector salary and benefits. The teachers and town workers all had contracts with guaranteed wage increases built in every year and they were also guaranteed an 8% rate of return on their retirement funds…all this at the Very Same Time our Country was going through the WORST Recession since the Great Depression….while other people were losing their homes because they could not afford the EVER INCREASING Property taxes, these Public “servants” were living “High on the Hog” so-to speak. One year, I had an INCREASE in my Property Taxes of $1,800…that’s an Increase, NOT the Total

The rest of us were lucky to have a job…forget about wage increases…at least we still could work, which is more than could be said for many others…but the Public Employees did NOT “Share Our Pain”.

Long Island has, I believe, 127 School Districts, EACH one with a Superintendent and all the other staff positions. My small town had 2,400 students in several schools and our Superintendent made $240,000 a year PLUS Very Generous Benefits and he was one of the lower paid ones…the Highest paid Superintendent on Long Island made over $456,000 PLUS Benefits…and this was as of 2011, I’m sure it’s more now.

It is Obscene