Badass Jews An Patriots

If you recall recent history there were two types of  Jews in Europe in 1939.  The “These days will pass.  We’ve borne other repressions – we can bear this” Jews and the Badass Jews who tried to warn the others and when that failed, fought against the fate being prepared for them at every opportunity.  And it is worthwhile remembering that it was only the ethic of Badass Jew which survived the horror of the Holocaust in order to help infuse Israel with a spirit which has defeated all comers these past sixty years and more.


There’s also we might recall the Badass American patriot. Men and women who saw where their relationship with Britain was going, told Parliament to stop, it didn’t stop, they summoned up what they could of an army, mounted up and fought the British face-to-face, mano-a-mano, for eight years up and down this continent and it’s often forgotten at sea along the British trade routes, until the Brits finally realized that they weren’t ever going to give up stop because yes –  our founding fathers were Badasses.