Arrest The Usual Suspects

In response to an article in the Daily Mail (where I hide under the moniker Seer) about a kindergarten teacher of twenty plus years quitting because of the imposition of tests I wrote:

“This is crap.  If we can all agree that a child must learn the alphabet in kindergarten then the taxpayers paying the freight have a right to determine whether they did or not.  What these vacuous teachers hiding behind meaningless phrases like “individual learning styles” are worried about, is being judged by the results of their teaching.”

Which in turn drew the following replies:

 Gonzo, Sydney, Australia, 5 hours ago

Totalling agree

 Nicole, nyc, United States, 4 hours ago

Meaningless learning styles? So basically you are saying all students are identical and should only learn o n e way? Maybe you should research learning styles before you make an ignorant comment

 Sydneysider58, Now living in Taree, Australia, 1 hour ago

100% right Seer. What can possibly be wrong with seeing if kids have learned the minimum to move up.

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