I mentioned it before but in a recent American Thinker piece about Democrats and Obamacare Jeffery T. Brown summed it all up for me when he wrote “They did this to the United States of America and they did it on purpose.

 A very simple sentence which with great clarity and purpose  tells us everything we need to know about Liberals and their willingness to commit crimes of enduring wickedness against our nation.

Yeah – Valley Forge and Lexington and Concord, the Erie Canal and the Overland Trail, Normandy and the Moon landing,  “52 40 or fight” the Alamo, The Mississippi, the Coonskin Cap, Chisholm Trail and The Pursuit Of Happiness, “he that doeth not work neither shall he eat”, the nation of rails, of cars, Rock n’ Roll and baseball, the NFL, NASCAR, Rodeos and drive-n restaurants.  “Four score and seven years ago.”

That nation.

And now that I’ve ruminated a while over Brown’s words I’m angry.  Not angry with the  Democrats and Obama like I was before – punching holes in walls and throwing rocks at the crows on the front lawn angry, but up on my hind legs bleeding out of my ears angry. 

But then I flopped back down exhausted, sixty odd years vanishes in an instant and there was my Grandmother putting  a spoon up to my lips.  I could smell the sickening stench of it.  Grandma’s sure-all cure-all for any sort of upset – Cod Liver Oil.  And I knew what she was telling me was right.  You gotta take your medicine.  Not me individually but we as a country had voted for these ethically challenged half-wits and now we had to lump it.

Well, maybe for now.