Americans Don’t Like Public Schools Any Longer

The Following quote is from a piece by Bruce Walker in today’s American Thinker:

The historical poll data also shows some interesting trends.  Public schools were once also sacrosanct in policy debates.  While the methods and funding for public schools might be questioned, the system itself was recognized as performing a great good that helped all Americans.  In 1975, 62% of respondents to Gallup said that they had “a great Dying_GaulDSCF6738deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in public schools.  Ten years later, in 1985, that percentage had plummeted to 48%.  In 1995, only 40% of Americans felt so positively about public schools.  Ten years later, in 2005, confidence in public schools drooped to only 37%.  So how many Americans in this latest Gallup Poll expressed confidence in public schools?  A paltry 26%.  In four decades, American confidence in public schools fell an incredible 40 percentage points.