In a recent article about fitness groups operating in public parks in Denver occurs the phrase “unfair advantage.”  I read it and moved on but then back and thought more deeply about it.  I’d read the phrase maybe ten thousands times in my life but never had, nor I believe had anyone else ever, asked the question – what’s a “fair advantage?”   I and countless others use the word “advantage” as in “I’m moving to Denver to take advantage of their wonderful public parks” but never “fair advantage.”

man woman wineYou ply your sweetheart with alcohol in order to – well you know why.  But is that “unfair advantage”, “fair advantage”  or “advantage?”  Difficult question for some.  A feminist would say “unfair” because they believe sex (with a man) should only occur after due sober discussion and agreement with the woman as to endurance, technique and proper birth control.  I vote for “fair” because your honey knows very well why you’re playing her with drinks but I could be talked into the barebones “advantage” used in the same sense as your attraction to Denver’s public facilities.

What do you think?