A Great Dividing Time

Guest Editorial From Texas Akbar

N.L.S. It is true. But the true war today is very spiritual. Even in Israel there is a stark division between Israelis. That division is spiritual in nature — and I am not speaking of For the gloryreligion here. I am speaking of a ideological divide that often manifests itself as Left vs. Right. It is a bitter conflict. As for the churches, take note also. It is the churches that are trending to the left that are supporting BDS and anti-Semitism. The divide again is ideological. We are in a great dividing time. But that division is taking place in the hearts and souls of men. This is why many Jews and Evangelical types are being drawn together,yea, maybe even pushed together. It is a very spiritual war that all humanity is involved in right now. Unfortunately, the greater part has joined together against the few. But is it not always that way in the Bible that G-d my be glorified in the salvation of his people?