Dark Fantasies About White People

Very interesting review on AmRen by Thomas Jackson of The Hidden Agenda Of The Political Mind by Messrs. Weeden and Kurzban, Princeton University Press, read the full article here.

Two points, first an amusing one (apparently true) that “Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and homosexuals–especially when they have lots of “human capital” (i.e.; higher education)–think so similarly that it makes sense to lump them together.”

But much more interesting is the answer to the age-old question “… why is it that when policy runs counter to majority interests, it always veers off in a liberal direction? Why are there no policies that are more conservative than the majority wants? The authors–who HiddenAgendacheerfully admit to being heathens–say it is because elites make policy, and elites, whether Democrat or Republican, tilt Left. There is some truth in this, but when it comes to immigration and race preferences, the majority will is trampled mainly because whites are forbidden to organize along racial lines the way everyone else [does].”

Due to it seems “… ghosts of policies that have been dead for 70 years (my emphasis). This book claims that lower-class Christian heterosexual whites “hold group-based issue preferences that seek to help people in their own groups and hold back people not in their own group.” This is understandable because “people with less human capital do better when advantages are given to their own groups and other groups are held back.” That’s right: Drooling rednecks are politicking to hold back the darkies. Rednecks vote Republican because the party favors “anti-meritocratic advantage for traditionally dominant groups.”

Messrs. Weeden and Kurzban pass this nonsense off with a straight face and without a scrap of data. They also claim that smart “heathens” like themselves live in constant fear Birth Of A Nationthat the white, Christian, heterosexual majority will rise up and write anti-meritocratic rules to keep them down. It would be hard to imagine a more sweeping–but fashionable–set of prejudices.

This is especially shocking in a book that claims to be immune to prejudice and willing to follow the data wherever they lead. It is hard to know whether the authors know they are making things up or are genuinely taken in by their dark fantasies about white people.”