How To Put This Election Away

Seeing as how Kellyanne Conway keeps putting off calling me for advice about how to run Donald Trump’s campaign I’m forced to go public.  So here it is – how to put this this election away by an old, but still very handsome man, living on America’s oldest Main Street.

This election now seems to be a contest between two people striving to see who can be disliked less.  Fine.  Yet up until today the Trump campaign, in both the its Primary and Presidential runs seems to be ignoring the fact that its candidate has far and away the best smile.

TrumpDonald Trump should be smiling at everybody in America every day at news conference, ad or campaign appearance.

Years ago when cigar smoking was permitted in court there was a defense lawyer who inserted a thin wire in his so that as the prosecutor made his best points the ash would grow longer and longer riveting  jury’s attention on that rather than on what his opponent was saying.

Trumps smile slowly growing broader and broader can be used as the same device instead of the looking down the nose pout he usually goes with in debates.  And which people don’t much care for.