British Police

I have no words Click Here to see a dozen British police officers running away from a guy any American policeman would have locked up with,and thrown to the ground before kneeling on his head.

Met Police ChiefAnd here’s part of the reason the cops over there are such wusses – it’s a photo of the Metropolitan Police Chief – enough to scare the most determined miscreant isn’t she?  But she probably punched all the politically correct buttons in her career and that’s what counts with Britain’s snowflake establishment.

Teaching and Learning In Baltimore


Questioned about why not one student passed the state proficiency exams in English and mathematics in five schools the executive director of teaching and learning for Baltimore City Schools, Janise Lane was quoted Here as saying “It is not satisfying for any of us in city schools to see the data and the numbers that look like that.  It’s an ongoing work effort to improve student achievement because that is our ultimate goal.”

Now leaving aside any discussion of how asinine the title “executive director of teaching and learning” is for a school system I mean what else is a school supposed to do besides teach and have pupils learn let’s understand that odds are that Ms. Lane the executive director of teaching and learning could not pass any halfway rigorous examination in English herself.  Examine the quote:

It is not satisfying for any of us in city schools to see the data and the numbers ( data and numbers same thing) that look like that (way too close to the formulation: Dat Look Like Dat and besides it’s unnecessary.) It’s an ongoing work effort (work and effort same thing) to improve student achievement (they didn’t achieve anything – isn’t that this discussion is about) because that is our ultimate goal (but what does ultimate goal mean?  That you have other intermediate goals?  It’s simply your goal isn’t it?)

This is someone who is not facile with the language.  And like some people who do not wish to reveal that deficiency pad their speech with lot of extra and nonsensical baggage

So it’s no wonder her students are a washout.

Oh and in case your wondering Ms. Lane is not Black