I Love Ralph Peters But He’s Delusional About Macron

Ralph Peters At GettysburgRalph Peters is a patriot and has much to offer in commentary and he’s definitely one of the straight shooters during his guest appearances on TV.   And I really admire the guy and his Civil War Novels.   But he hates Putin with an undying passion and it blinds him about certain issues.  One is French President Macron.  Here is what is said, in part, prior to the last round of voting

Even in today’s embittered, conflict-ridden world, the news is sometimes plain good. That was the case after Sunday’s first-round vote for president in France. Of the top four contenders, only one, Emmanuel Macron, has been pro-NATO, pro-European Union, pro-US and anti-Putin. He also had the audacity to tell the French they actually have to work, if they want a stronger economy.

But the fact is that Macron is an insane baby.  He believes that a better world will result if the political process is balanced exactly between groups,  So the candidates for the National Assembly his new party En Marche will field will be one half men, one half women, one half Conservative and one half Socialist/Communist.  I don’t know if they’re going to be one half tall and one half short, one half brunette and one half blond but I wouldn’t put it past him.  The man in legitimately nuts.

And while Colonel Peters is focused like a Moray eel on the threat Putin’s Russia offers Europe the western part of that landmass is surrendering to Moslem colonization while Russia remains unabashedly Christian.  So I dunno Ralph, maybe you should get a grip because the fact was that there was no candidate with any hope of winning who was any good,  French politics and political thought being as it is, just f__ked up beyond imagining.





Geraldo+Rivera+D7Y3eL9mn0UmGeraldo Rivera is moving to Cleveland.  Cleveland?  I never before heard of anyone moving to Cleveland.  I don’t know what to say.  Uh, good luck, say hello to Euclid Avenue for me.  Have you been there in winter?  Do you know the definition of drab?  Street crime?  Uh, good luck.

Why The Left Is Behaving The Way It Is

What’s important to remember is that Academia, the MSM and the Left-Wing kindergarten drum circle the Democrat Party has become are not acting like this because they’re like people on the upswing.  Or even comfortable in the status quo.  Instead they’re lashing out like people on the way out.  Trying to prove how important and powerful they still are by making things up, by preening and crowing and smashing library windows at Berkeley.

But it’s not working.  And they’re frightened.  In the case of Academia because they understand all too well that the moment political winds allow employers (including the government) to rank potential hires and hire them based upon general knowledge tests* then it doesn’t matter how an individual is educated and the value of the silly Liberal Arts Degrees American colleges and universities are busy selling at $200,000 a pop, plunges asymptotically.  And so since Trump is the symbol of this possible shift into open territory (i.e. a free market in education), they have to take him and his acolytes down by any means possible.  In the matter of the MSM they’re already in open territory with the Internet eating them alive with independent news forums, blogs and its direct streaming of shows to computers, tablets and phones.  And so they hope against hope that another Watergate, another presidential take-down, will give them a new lease on life.  And as far at the Democrats themselves go in selling their soul to the identitarian devil they’ve made certain that every Hernandez who marries an  O’Shaughnessy immediately switches party and that every Black working sooner or later does to.  Which means they have no place to go but down.  And they see that.