Do Not Walk On Wet Rocks

Piece and a video in the Daily Mail today Here about a boy being rescued from the surf in Hawaii.  Many readers wrote in to say how dangerous the waves are there.  I wholeheartedly concur because for someone raised on the North Atlantic’s pretty predictable shoreline they were a shock.

And reading the above linked story today reminded me of a goosebump inducing tale I was told when I was stationed on Oahu in 1964.

It goes like this:

There was a sign on a rocky beach on the North Eastern Coast – Danger From Waves – Do Not Walk On Wet Rocks.  (Meaning of course that wet rocks tell you where the surf is reaching)

Father and son take a hike. Son (who is walking on the dry rocks) says to father “Dad maybe you should stay off wet rocks like the sign said.”  Father replies “don’t worry about me son I can look out for myself.” Son looks away.  Son looks back. Father has vanished.

A Land Beyond Kings

After central governments began emerging in Scandinavia during the final decades of the Viking age more than a few of the those fiercely independent bands fled west.  Into the ocean mists where they gambled on their open longships surviving the unexplored North Atlantic.   Some simply vanished while others settled Iceland in 874, the Faroe Isles in 872-930 before going on to Greenland 980, and then mysteriously, the American continent.

No aids to navigation aids save the sun and rumors of land somewhere out there, cheek by jowl with two dozen armed rowers and their wives, children, livestock, fresh water and supplies, forever wet and always uncertain about their future.

But yet compelled, in their own words,  to find  A Land Beyond Kings.

A motive which foretold the much larger emigration headed towards America across that same ocean some six hundred years later.  Because just like the earlier Vikings these people too wanted to chance to work out their own lives in their own ornery fashion.  With nobody much outside their own circle, ever telling them what to do.

A not very well admired trait today.  Indeed during televised testimony I once heard Justice Kennedy of the U.S. Supreme Court, which is of course a body which much like those earlier kings believes it has the God-given right to tell everybody what to do about anything, sneer at the Americans believed that they should be able to whatever it was they wanted to do.  And only for their own reasons.

So what  happened to that spirit?

Aha, and that’s a subject to itself explored.

About Trump’s Press Conference

From Micheal Goodwin in today’s New York Post red full article Here:

Sure, sentences didn’t always end on the same topic they started with, and his claim to have won the election by the largest electoral college margin since Ronald Reagan wasn’t close to true.

Fair points, but so what? Fact-checkers didn’t elect him, nor did voters who were happy with the status quo.

Trump, first, last and always, matches the mood of the discontented. Like them, he is a bull looking for a china shop. That’s his ace in the hole and he played it almost to perfection.

Democrat Front Runners For 2020

Dad And Rock Wall3

Somehow the United States has to learn to relax.  We just finished the long and jangling roller coast ride of the 2016 Presidential election and the media is already fulminating about the 2020 match-up with Trump.  So with nothing better to do while it’s snowing a blizzard outside let me give you my two cents about the current (according to the New York Post) Democrat front runners:


Left to right Mark Cuban, Andrew Cuomo and Elsbeth Warren.  Cuban hasn’t a chance because Americans don’t like candidates with a prognathian jaw.  Cuomo is a loser because he has the personality of a rodent dragging a slice of pizza along a subway platform and Warren’s out because voters will recognize her as one of those social worker types who couldn’t organize a family between two rabbits and besides, she’s forever stuck with the nickname Pocahontas and I wouldn’t put it by Trump to mock her with a whoo, whoo, whoo war dance on the stage at the debates.

So not a lot there.

Maybe if they can get enough fluids into her the Democrats could run Hillary again?

It’s A Good Thing I’m An Armed Seasoned Citizen

On the Liberal agenda for the U.S. is the legalization of assisted suicide.  The problem is that it’s a quick step to strongly assisted suicide or what we used to call murder.  In Holland recently a suicide assister (sic) drugged an elderly woman’s coffee and then while the target was screaming “I don’t want to die” the woman had family members hold her down while she administered a lethal injection.  Here.  The Liberal Dutch government investigated and let the murderer walk saying her intentions were good. And besides the old woman might have been suffering from dementia and so society is better off without her no matter how much she wanted to live.

You don’t believe things like this can happen until they do.

It’s one more reason to keep a .357 in your waistband when you hit retirement age. Something which the citizens of Holland and other Socialist nations are denied the right to.

Because they have no Second Amendment.

And of course, no shame.


Michelle Malkin A Treasure

Michelle_Malkin_2008_2One of the nation’s great assets is Michelle Malkin.  A brilliantly incisive SOCK, BANG BLAM, BAM investigator writer always on top of facts read her piece today Here and understand more about why Hollywood loves Lefties – hint there’s big, big money involved.

The Liberals Great non-White Hope (Unedited)

After eight years of a permanently aggrieved minority President in the White House Liberals were convinced they [were] getting another pony for Christmas. But November 8th arrived and the bottom fell out of the tub.  No pony.  The only transition Hillary Rodham Clinton was to make was into a “splat” after she swan dived off the high board into an empty swimming pool at the Javits Center and ambulance attendants dragged a rubber sheet over her body.  An outcome which stunned not only her own party, the pundits, the chattering class on the networks, the polls, the Las Vegas point spread but the uncanny Mike Lindell look-a-like Larry J. Sabato of the University Of Virginia Center for Politics.

And it doesn’t get any more embarrassing than that.

But yet jaws set tightly, lips pressed into a thin line with a pink knit Pussy hat pulled low Liberals are determined to persevere.  They will just not stop coming on.  Why? Well it’s because as David Harsanyi Here put it in the Federalist a couple of years ago the Left believes that:

Even in defeat, liberals are predestined for victory. The intellectual case for progressivism is unassailable. The potency of their moral case makes them unstoppable. Demography is destiny. Old people die. White people disappear. The trajectory set.

Or as Nikita Khrushchev put it history is on our side.”

I believe he meant the future is on our side but no matter it’s what the Left believes and they even have a date in mind for their final victory – 2045It’s in that magical, glorious year that those fascist, misogynist, racist, hillbilly Republicans will finally get what’s coming to them.  In fact Liberals believe they could lose every office in the nation, the Supreme Court, allow Fox News to eclipse all three of the major broadcast networks in viewership, the New York Times start reviewing Conservative books and Melania Trump dig up Michelle Obama’s socialist victory garden at the White House and dump it in the Potomac – it doesn’t matter.

It’s all going to come back in 2045.

Because in 2045 the Bureau Of The Census tells us, the United States will become a White minority country.  Which if true means, or so the Liberal believes, that people of color whom White capitalists have down through the years enslaved, exploited, ridiculed and kicked to the curb will make common cause with the Liberal pantheon of issues and exact their revenge.

Which is why you get Leftists like The Democratic National Committee candidate for Chair Sally Boynton Brown (who despite her delightful last name is lily white), saying it is her job to “shut other white people down” Here.  It’s why Obama made his famous “coma” remark and Progressives write self-congratulatory books; e.g. see Steve Phillips Here and his book Brown Is the New White: How the Demographic Revolution Has Created a New American Majority.

Yet the study of demographics is littered with the dead bodies of prognosticators.  Based upon comparative birth rates Israel was supposed to be a majority Arab nation today and it has gone the other way.  Scandinavia  has an astonishing low birth rate but as Gwyn Jones tells us it was once called the vagina of nations. According to past projections Blacks should be 25% of the American population but it’s actually around 14% and may be falling.

But even more ominously for the Liberal’s Great Anti-White Hope is the fact that barriers to immigration now being erected will result in a sharper differentiation be between American Mexicans and Mexican Mexicans.  That is the former must wind up in the fullness of time speaking English as their primary language because despite the condescending assumptions Liberals delude themselves with about Hispanic parents, they don’t in the main, support bi-lingual education.  They don’t want to be marginalized. They want their children to learn English, be Americans, as good as any American.

More power to them for that.

Other factors Liberals don’t seem to consider is that Hispanics are unashamedly Catholic not secular, and when they’re not, horror of all horrors, they’re likely to be Evangelical.    They’re also brutally hard-working, have no have aversion to guns and they don’t like paying taxes. They like the idea of cowboys and they don’t cheer for the Bugs like the Liberals do when they watch Starship Troopers.  Many of the men are handsome and many of the women really pretty (really pretty), many already identify as White and whether they do or not they are inter-marrying with Whites at a strong clip and a big chunk of those children will identify as White.

This is not even to discuss the way Asians are also intermarrying with Whites and assimilating.  A few years ago I read an Article in Southern Partisan (if memory serves) the gist of which seemed to be that Robert E. Lee was right and it was written by the son of a Vietnamese immigrant.  And this sort of stuff is so common we don’t even marvel at it any longer.

Indeed serious scholars ridicule the Majority Minority idea.  See in the New York times in 2015 The Myth Of A White Minority Here by Richard Alba pointing out how the government projection is riddled with contradictions and silly assumptions.

The point being that once again the Liberals appear to be duped by their own foolish view of the importance of skin tone.

And it couldn’t happen to a nicer group.

Of course it will be a different America in 2045, look a bit different, say less Nordic except in the heartland perhaps but on balance it can be and probably will be, an America most of us White antediluvians of today would be very comfortable with.  A happy America at peace with America’s traditional beliefs.

Indeed for many like me, that reformulated America is already here in the person of our Grandchildren of mixed cultures.  And we’re very happy with the way they go to church, study hard, remember our birthday and laugh at our stupid jokes.  Or for that matter play baseball, celebrate the Fourth Of July,  take a sweetie to the Prom, drive around in their Dad’s, or Grandpa’s, pick-up and look out for their sister.  In fact we couldn’t be prouder and happier and more in love with them.

Even if that leaves the Liberals laying on the canvas staring up at the lights wondering what just hit them in the middle of the 21st century.