Learning From Trump

Boris JohnsonIt appears Trump’s success in the Republican Primaries is teaching lessons to politicians all over.  Tory Boris Johnson the Mayor of London, possible successor to David Cameron as Prime Minister and sworn enemy to Cameron because of his (Johnson’s) support of Britain’s exit from the E.U. went after Obama for his supercilious visit to the U.K. in order to convince them “as your friend” not to leave.  Referring to the removal of Winston Churchill’s bust from the Oval Office he described Obama as a part-Kenyan with an animus towards the British Empire and any number of PC heads in Britain exploded, calling Johnson among other things a racist and a dog-whistler.  As of this moment Johnson is not backing down, instead acting Trump-like in defiance.  He even has the hair!


TTIWMRichard F. Miniter is the author of The Things I Want Most, Random House, BDD, Five Stars on Amazon “The remarkable story of a couple who risked everything …”  Easily one of the most compelling reads you will ever experience See it Here.  


Slavery Reparations?

In the Guardian today – Stone Pillow on reparations for slavery:

slaves-persons-not-propertyIf Blacks living today are owed reparations for slavery from Whites living, that is if there is a balance sheet between races in which monies should be paid out for injustices where does the concept end? Can Whites today be compensated for the huge amount of assault, rape and murder perpetrated against them by Blacks today?  And just what is a liable “White?”  Obviously the definition cannot include Italians who weren’t around in antebellum America, or Lebanese, Armenians or Russians.  A branch of my family owned slaves in Virginia despite being poor Irish immigrants earlier and another branch came to New York where they became ship chandlers.  Both sending sons to die in the Civil War fighting for respectively the South and North.  So am I half liable?  Most of my grandchildren are part Oriental – what do they owe?  Recent Black immigrants from Central Africa are descendants of the Blacks who sold the slaves destined for America to Whites.  Why should I pay them compensation?  Shouldn’t they pay other Blacks before I part with a dime?  Theirs after all was the original sin?  Going down this road is insane.

On Money And Banking

In an exchange between Galenical and Stonepillow (your modest correspondent) on Disquis today about Texas seceding from the Union you get:


Does the state of Texas own gold? Silver? Copper? No, it doesn’t. How liberal Austin is (the author’s main concern) is trivial compared to the problem of issuing a currency that people will believe has value and creating a banking system that people trust.

Do some research before you superciliously tap your keyboard. Texas is the only state with its own gold reserve – which it recently ordered to be removed from New York. Besides it can trade oil for gold on the international market six days a week and twice on Sunday. Third the U.S. currency is backed by no physicality at all today except the Federal government’s willingness to accept it in payment of taxes. Fourth government historically did not create the bulk of currency in circulation, instead it was issued by private banks, this is the origin of the word “banknote” and – and it’s a big and, when private banks issued currency it was sound. This is the reason the Federal Government essentially banned the practice i.e. so that it could water the currency which is where we get the continual rise in prices we call inflation, but is really the “inflation” of the money supply. There, I’ve just taught you more about banking and money supply than you’d of learned in almost any U.S. University. No thanks are necessary – I’m a public service.


Those Pesky B Words

William Whalen writing about Donald’s primary win in New York on the FoxNews site.

The news that broke on the same day as New York’s results – that Trump is shaking up his senior campaign staff and empowering his team to spend aggressively to win in May and June – is a first step in that direction.

The next step: breaching divides within the GOP.

“Breaching?”  Shouldn’t it be “bridging” Bill?

Gathering Wind?

6:28 PM 4/19/2016 I’m not certain what it means but at least in my small town (pop. 1100) a stunning number of people are turning out to vote in this year’s primary election and to be honest almost nobody has prior.  Indeed in my  family alone there are four adults who never voted in a primary voting in this one.  If this is happing statewide it means there is as much interest in this primary than there was in the general election in 1994 when governor Mario was tossed out and Congress went Republican.  I tend to believe the turnout favors Trump and Sanders but have nothing to base that opinion on.

Disciplining Children Without Punishing Them

Excerpt from The Overt Parent being released in July by Richard F. Miniter:

body language

People are forever being advised of their posture. That is how to hold yourself and appear in court, while dating, applying for a job, in church or temple even in dealing with a contractor.  But yet while a child is about the closest and most important relationship we will ever approach most of us rarely consider the body language we assume towards them.

Because posture is after all the stance and tone you use to encourage certain behavior in another person. And it works.  It’s why a State Trooper swaggers up to your driver’s side window during a traffic stop, why you get on one knee to ask you beloved to marry you, it’s why a teacher throws her shoulders back in front of a new class.  Your this stance and tone, your body language, often says more about the behavior you expect than what you say.

Smart parents aren’t blind to the issue. Pamela Druckerman  the author of the New York Times bestseller Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting is one of the few who takes a shot at it.  In a Saturday essay in the Wall Street Journal recently she explains her embarrassment at having to be coached by a much less experienced French mother on how to stop her child from running off in a playground.  It’s all in the tone and expectation and after four tries Pamela finally gets it right.

You yourself can achieve the right posture. You can practice it in a mirror, watch other people for hints about how your posture should appear.  Loving but authoritative.  And children, who are extremely situation, will usually respond.  Indeed for many children as, authoritative parent is all they require in the way of discipline.

And so if you find yourself wringing your hands with a hopeful expression on your face when you ask your child to do something walk away and don’t come back until you have your game face on.



TTIWMRichard F. Miniter is the author of The Things I Want Most, Random House, BDD, Five Stars on Amazon “The remarkable story of a couple who risked everything …”  Easily one of the most compelling reads you will ever experience See it Here.  

Can’t Breathe

Here’s a montage of the Clintons on a New York Street this winter.  Look carefully at Hillary’s face – especially the shot on the right – this is a woman with difficulty in breathing.  And it wasn’t “allergy season.”   As a sidebar look at the goopy expression on Bill’s face – I can’t believe he was president.  Then again if you can elect Obama you can elect anyone.

Cant Breath

Update 4/22/2016 Carmine Paglia suggests it’s Goiter which is why she hides her neck and accounts for the hoarse voice and coughing.

Change In Season

We put up a pool for our grandchildren here is what it looked like a week ago in Stone Ridge:


Here is what it looks like today:


Sue’s work station after an incredibly busy tax season while she was at church:


My desk at which hopefully I am writing something worthwhile: