Dowd Nails It

Quote of the day from Maureen Dowd:

Barack Obama started off as a man self-consciously alone on stage and that’s how he is exiting. He is, for better and worse, too cool for school. His identity is defined by his desire to rise above the fray. Unfortunately, he is in politics, which is the fray.

Regrettably in the same piece Dowd then falls back on her stock-in-trade; the clever upper East Side left-wing claptrap of a class still wetting their panties over Obama and his “elegant” family.


In a way I’m sorry Obama is running again because with Michelle out there as a target Trump would have even more fun with his Twitter account.

Anyway Dowd has a way with words, even in the service of a frayed cause.  Only I wish the sixty-four year old woman had enough confidence in herself to stop using her high school year book photo in the New York Times on-line.

Update On Thumb-Sucking Puzzled

From DM Thursday 24 March 2016

A report in the Daily Mail here has it that Belgian Anti-Terror police didn’t question terrorist Salah Abdeslam for more than one hour in the four days since he was captured because he was “tired” (after murdering 34 people at the Brussels Airport).

From DM Friday, March 25, 2016

A catastrophic police blunder allowed Paris bomber Salah Abdeslam to remain at large for more than three months, Belgian police have admitted.

A dedicated beat officer gave information about the whereabouts of Abdeslam to superiors on December 7 and urged them to pass it on to the country’s anti-terrorist police.

But the confidential report – which cited the address 79 rue des Quatre Vents, Molenbeek, where Abdeslam was finally apprehended – was inexplicably not passed onto the federal bureau.

His RIR ‘Informative Report’ remained on the shelves at the Malines Police headquarters instead.

This was while Abdeslam was Europe’s most wanted man as the most high-profile fugitive of the Paris terror attacks that killed 130.

From DM 3/26/2016

EU Political Correctness makes it more difficult to fight terrorism say formr CIA director and head of Britain’s M!5 read it here.

Jesus And Traditional Marriage

Matthew 19.  In making the case against divorce, Jesus also himself made an eloquent case for traditional marriage.

“Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female,” Jesus told the Pharisees, “And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh? Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”

TTIWMRichard F. Miniter is the author of The Things I Want Most, Random House, BDD, Five Stars on Amazon “The remarkable story of a couple who risked everything …”  Easily one of the most compelling reads you will ever experience See it Here.  

Thumb-Sucking Puzzled

I watched with great interest all the backslapping on TV talk shows the other night about what a wonderful thing it is that European authorities have apprehended the notorious terrorist and Paris murderer of one hundred thirty Salah Abdeslam.

Or as they would say in the New York Times, Mr. Salah Abdeslam.

Terrorism “expert” after “expert” beside themselves over the bonanza of information we’re now going to receive about terrorist logistics and methods, training, organization and command and control.

Oh really! And just how are the Europeans going to obtain that information now that the American CIA is no longer able to stick Mr. Abdeslam’s head in a bucket of water for them?  Are they going to appeal to his better nature?  Withhold dessert from one of the three gourmet Halal meals they’ve obliged themselves to provide him (except during Ramadan of course when it’s a buffet after sundown?)  Let’s not be ridiculous, to even capture Abdeslam the European police had to get a law set aside which forbade them from raiding a terrorist’s apartment after nine o’clock at night.  And the European Criminal Justice system as a whole hasn’t even figured out how to deal with Islamic prisoners demanding equal conjugal rights for each and every one of the three extra wives the Koran allows them.

Indeed it’s worse than that – look at the photos of the tastefully furnished studio suite with its wide screen TV, catered meals and video game box the Norwegian government has mass murderer (77 kills 2011) Anders Behring Breivik resting in while he serves out the balance of his required ten years of incarceration.  Lots of luck learning about his logistics and methods, training, organization and command and control.  Lots of luck even getting Breivik to stop suing you over things like his isolation or the age of his Xbox.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I recently attended the Ceremony Of The Keys at the Tower Of London.  So I thought to look up the location inside the Tower complex of Little Ease. The famous, or shall we say infamous, ancient Tower Of London cell designed so that prisoners could not stand up or stretch out.  A horrible torture which often went on for days driving many of the men confined in it, insane.

But deciding to get it mapped out in case I ever visited the Tower again I looked it up on the Internet and found its location had been lost. The monstrous thing being walled up sometime in the last four hundred years nobody knows where.

A metaphor for where Europeans are now in any defense of their civilization. With all of their useful tools (some of which it must be admitted were a bit much) walled up nobody knows where.  Forgotten about.

And so are now faced with the exact same dilemma modern parents are who have forgone spanking. Thumb-sucking puzzled over what to do when their willful and dangerously disobedient child refuses to fess up.

Or stay in time out.

Suicide Or Rebirth

From a Pat Buchanan piece today Suicide Of GOP Or Its Rebirth  read it here.

“Lately, 116 architects and subcontractors of the Bush I and II foreign policy took their own version of the Oxford Oath. They will not vote for, nor serve in a Trump administration.”

The Oxford Oath for those who didn’t read Kenneth Roberts is the famous resolution passed by the Oxford Union (yes that Oxford) in the 1930s that they wouldn’t fight for King and Country.

I heard about this stand by these people a number of times in other print and I believe on the Kelly File last night – like it should mean something to me.  Well it doesn’t   One hundred or so card carrying members of the moribund Republican establishment announcing they won’t work for Trump.  First of all many of them would if they got the phone call, secondly they know Trump won’t, call them that is, indeed that he has them in his crosshairs.  So what’s to lose?  They’re pathetic.

They remind me of the eighty Duke professors who signed a letter in support of the Black stripper who cried rape.

Phony Carcinogens

A comment from Macwell about an article in American Thinker revealing that the EPA has lied about many substances being carcinogens.  Read it here.

Being a year away from 70, I remember when one woman and nine, unelected, black robed men, threw G_D from my classroom. Those were great times, the 50’s. America was prosperous, anyone who wanted, could pick from 100 different jobs in any given Sunday newspaper. Kids could play in the street… well after dark, and we never even thought about a kid getting taken by some pervert. Back then, the perverts knew what would happen if they got caught. Usually a slip and fall on the way to the police station, or worse. I also remember in the summer, when the spray trucks came out. DDT was sprayed into the air all around the neighborhood. Heck, we used to follow the damn thing around. I don’t remember any of my kid friends getting cancer from DDT. In case some of you don’t remember DDT, it was used to combat flying insects, and if allowed to continue, could have wiped out malaria for ever. That was the first time I can remember that the government was lying about DDT. All the people, mostly kids, who have died from malaria didn’t have to. Their blood is on the hands of the EPA. That was almost 70 years ago. Since then, I don’t believe anything that comes out of that corrupt bunch.
I hope when The Donald is elected, he rids us of many, if not all of the (abc) agencies. I used to wonder where all the people who work for government are going to find jobs, but now, I don’t really give a rip.

Cardiac Rehab

To Someone Important To Me Who Had A Heart Attack – On Cardiac Rehab

Dad And Rock WallSome words of advice about Cardiac Rehab. I’ve been involved with for a year now.  Most people drop out.  In fact maybe 80-90% never finish the program.    Some that do come week after week and never do anything, they read magazines or sit on one of the machines and yak.  The nurses tell me they only show up because a spouse or daughter in harassing them to go, maybe even driving them.   Others however do go through it all the way and discover a different life, even different friends they enjoy.

But you’ve got to let the fear go. When I first showed up at the Cardiac Lab I was terrified, of the treadmill the bike, the weight machines, everything.  I felt so weak.  Especially when I had to watch sweet young things in in pony tails in their twenties running like a deer on the treadmill or muscle bound young guys swinging  the free weights around like feather dusters.

What you have to understand is that the nurses and trainers are prepared for people coming to them in horrible shape, in pain after operations or psychologically resigned.  That’s their mission in life, one to evaluate you and two to get you started on a healthy curing regimen of exercise.  Baby, baby steps, then as the weeks progress stronger and stronger steps.  They watch you on heart monitors, check your blood pressure frequently, your blood sugar and weight – they’re all about watching out for you.  And they’re always encouraging.  In the twelve months I’ve been in the Cardiac gym, first as a monitored patient and then after I graduated as a paying member I’ve never heard staff criticize anyone for any exercise routine or level.  I never heard another patient or member criticize anybody either.

But I’ve heard a lot of kidding back and forth, laughing and cheers.

Stay with it and you will find yourself joining in the fun.

Lots of days you won’t feel like doing it. Just this past Monday I really had to drag myself, I was cranky, sour and out of sorts.  But when I began on my first station the juices started to flow and I felt like I was returning home after a trip away. That’s the way it is.  I even trick my lazy self from time to time.   I say to hell with it I’ll just be a Gerbil today and coast, then once I’m in the gym I meander over to the first machine and tell myself – “okay lardass just five minutes then you’re going home” and then magically it’s somehow an hour and a half later and I’m doing the closing stretches.

Just put one foot in front of the other every day and you’ll succeed.

You owe it to us guys who love you and want to see you around a lot longer.

So you can encourage us.

TTIWMRichard F. Miniter is the author of The Things I Want Most, Random House, BDD, Five Stars on Amazon “The remarkable story of a couple who risked everything …”  Easily one of the most compelling reads you will ever experience See it Here.  

White Men Better At Appearing Smart?


Myisha Cherry and Eric Schwitzgebel in the  Los Angeles Times, March 4, 2016 suggest White men are better at appearing smart which is why they receive the overwhelming majority of advanced degrees in Philosophy.  (Hattip AMREN)  Here’s an extract:

Unfortunately, seeming smart is not a level playing field. In our culture, white men, especially white men from privileged backgrounds, have a large advantage in displaying the superficial features that attract high expectations.

Social psychologists have demonstrated that identical resumes are rated more highly when the applicant is white or male than when the applicant is black or female. Emails from prospective graduate students are more likely to receive a reply if sent by someone with a stereotypically white male name than if sent by a woman or ethnic minority. Interviewers tend to credit black and dark-skinned Latino subjects with less intelligence, even when the interview answers are the same.

So White men are better at appearing smart?  Or interviewers more often assume they are smarter?

This argument is basically trash.  It’s the doctrine of disparate outcome i.e.; if all racial groups are not represented in some the correct percentage in a population (even I guess Mariachi Bands but for some reason not NFL teams), there’s evil White racists at work.  Not Oriental, Black or Hispanic bigots but White.  Especially Republicans and Texans.

However I will concede that if you have an upper class British accent most people will think you’re smart, even if you’re as dumb as a box of rocks.  Or if you speak a foreign language other than Spanish – especially an Oriental language.  In this vein I once had a public school teacher insist that Chinese babies are the smartest on the planet because they all learn to speak their impossibly difficult language at such an early age.


Moslem Rape Gangs

Moslem Rape

Thomas Lifson has an eye-opening piece in American Thinker today about Moslem Rape gangs at Swedish Swimming pools read it here.  The pithier  comments follow:


  • [At home Moslems have a] Tradition of romancing sheep
  • Public rape facilities. How progressive
  • Sennels states that more than half the Pakistanis living in the U.K. are married to first cousins. Per an article at Bare Naked Islam, although Pakistanis account for 3% of births in the U.K., they make up 33% of children born with birth defects in the country.
  • Most cities have leash laws. Just extend them to cover Muslims.
  • “The inevitable result is that Swedes are avoiding pools…” At what point do they start avoiding their country?
  • Maybe when young Muslim toughs start showing up to “swim” at the gay bathhouses of San Fran Freakshow and NYC, and Obama’s old Down Low Club in Sickago, even liberals will learn that Trump’s solution is right.
  • Sweden is an example of how people can be so open-minded that their brains fall out.
  • Math teachers in France can’t ask Muzzy children to draw right angles because it offends them because they look like part of the Christian Cross.
  • Swedish women vs. goats? What’s a guy to say?
  • The other night Marco Rubio attacked Trump on Faux News for insulting all the millions of patriotic Muslims living in America. The only problem with that though is there isn’t even one patriotic Muslim, much less millions of patriotic Muslims, living in America.