The Eventual Fate Of The Moslems In Germany

Whither Germany?

Well, cultures have enormous staying power.  A fact which tells that the Moslems are not going to assimilate In Germany any time soon.  But also that neither are the Germans going to embrace to Merkel’s fever dream of diversity.  And so as long as the Germans are in the majority in the German homeland you may rest assured that sooner or later, after maybe decades of lumps and bumps, the majority will shrug its shoulders and the Moslems are going to have to go, to “hell or Connaught” as the saying used to be.

Many are puzzled why the current leaders cannot see that reality and stop setting Germany up for a race war in the future.  The answer is that they are Intellectuals and glory in the term because in their own minds it means somebody who’s terribly smart and concerned with what they consider the transcendent opinion issues of caring, fairness and acceptance (but not you will notice if you listen to them the real world of right and wrong, loyalty, property or freedom).  But in fact they’re not even all that smart and often awfully silly.  Indeed the word Intellectual means someone who relies primarily on their intellect unaided by emotion or experience.  And emotion aside you have to be something of a congenital idiot not to allow experience, both yours and others, guide you in whatever you attempt in life.   But hypnotized by their imaginary world  when forced to confront reality, their reaction is much like David Mamet’s childlike liberal friend who famously tried to argue his way out of that confrontation by complaining “but that’s not the way we want it to be.”

Steyn Nails It

“…the abandonment by conservatives of all but the non-electoral levers in society, from education to pop culture. The average person doesn’t want to live an aggressively partisan life, and, if you’re one of those persons raised in almost any American public school in the last four decades, it’s easier to be liberal: To be opposed to, say, climate alarmism is to choose a position that requires eternal defending, whereas to profess to be concerned about the future of the planet is just the default setting of society, from kindergarten on. A liberal culture is good at making conservatism seem more trouble than it’s worth.”  [Emphasis Added]

Read his full article here.

When Britain Secedes From The European Union

When Britain secedes from the European Union there’s a few States in the American Union which may like to comment, offer some advice.

  1. Don’t fire on one of their forts first, it leads to a lot of bad blood.
  2. If you paint the Confederate Battle Flag above the Chunnel entrance it’ll give those pesky Calais migrants some pause.
  3. Just like the men of the American South the English are better horsemen.  We don’t know what difference that will make, but it’s a point.
  4. Take not counsel of your fears.  If the South had thirty miles of tumultuous salt water separating it from the North instead of the little Potomac history would have been a lot different.
  5. Don’t ever agree to a battle in Pennsylvania.

Life Lesson 297

In 1968 and 1969 I was twenty-four twenty-five commuting daily from Stone and High Falls New York north on State Route 209 (The Old Mine Road) to a turn off for Saugerties further north where I worked as a scheduler for the manufacturing corporation Ferroxcube.

Before I leaving Stone Ridge I’d pass a house on the north side on the hamlet just west of the road. Modern red brick picked out with colonial trim, half-moon driveway in from 209, nicely landscaped nice house.  But where the professionally installed lawn met the road it was a bit ragged.

One summer I passed a young man 18-19? obviously a son of the people in house landscaping that fifty foot stretch between the driveway entrance and exit. He worked on it all summer long building a very neat dry laid stone wall with stone gathered from the woods about two feet (maybe a little more) high and then filling in with soil behind it so that it matched the height of the flat lawn.  He worked on it I guess for a couple of hours first thing in the morning and I followed his progress avidly.  He had a mason’s string stretched so that the wall would be straight and exactly level and he fuss, fuss and fuss over getting exactly the right rock in exactly the right place tapping them into place with the back handle of a cement trowel.  And the result was a little landscaping jewel.

Flash forward over forty years. I’m back in Stone Ridge and occasionally driving the same route.  One day I see a for sale sign of the house and it was sad even though I never knew those people.

Then a couple of weeks later I’m passing the house again and have to stop in front because there a tangle of cars and pick-ups lining up to enter the drive. Out front is a huge sign saying Estate Sale obviously it had been sold and now the contents were being auctioned off.  Doubly sad I guess but what drew my attention was a heavy set man in a suit, a few years younger than I standing frozen at one end of the drive staring at the stone wall in front.  Or what had been the stone wall because it had tumbled to the point where there was barely one rock sitting straight on another.

And I knew. That man was the boy building the wall in the nineteen sixties and he was lost in the memory of that summer.  Now his parents were gone, the house he grew up in was gone, the furniture and things he grew up among were going and the one imprint he should have left behind, that wall, was only a memory now too.

stone wallsI know a lot about stone walls, all learned since that summer I watched him and I’ve put up a couple of spectacular ones myself. Foundation it well say in tamped down wet item number four stone, two over one that is don’t let the joint between two dry laid rocks continue more than one course, big ones on bottom small ones on top, batten the wall i.e.; make it slight narrower the higher it is – not much, not enough that your eye can see but enough than gravity knows it’s there and most important of all use capstones of good weight to hold the stone down and shed the rainwater.  That’s the big trick, no water inside and the thing will stay there for centuries if undisturbed.

But that long ago boy had never capped his wall. Maybe he didn’t know anybody who could tell him how important it was.  Maybe he doesn’t understand to this day why his wall fell.  Because when water gets in between stones and freezes it pushes with tremendous force, up, down and out and slowly as year follows year your pretty wall will fall to the ground.

There’s a life lesson there.


Don’t Let Her Hand You Anything Else Boss

Near me we have a walking, biking, running path called the RailTrail because many miles of it follow the graded route of an old rail line. Much if not most of it is deep in the today’s woods with a number of pull offs where you may park in order to use the trail.

Micaela, Mattison's Friend & Sparky June 2009One day some time ago I parked in one to take a walk with my Golden Retriever Sparky (pictured at left with Grandchildren.)  Previously offended by trash lying about I had brought along a large heavy plastic  trash bag and with Sparky watching curiously I went around picking up the litter. I was just about finished when a station wagon pulled in and the woman driving saw what I was doing.

“Stop” she yelled imperiously so I stopped.

Then she quickly parked, got out and opened the rear door of her wagon. From it she removed a big bundle of McDonald’s bags and wrappers and another white plastic bag full of stinky disposable diapers.  Then she trotted over and without a word, or a thank you, stuffed them into the garbage bag I was holding.

I looked at Sparky, he looked at me and we both kind of shrugged.

Just the other day I had Sparky in the truck and I pulled into a Stewart’s shop in Hurley to get milk and eggs. Guess who pulled in next to us?  The same woman in the same station wagon.

I looked at Sparky and he looked at me. The expression on his face seemed to say  “don’t let her hand you anything else  boss.”

“Got it” I nodded my head and followed her in to get my milk and eggs.

Social Sciences In The Universities Are Nothing Resembling “Science”

Guest Editorial:

propagandaoftruth  ….

Honestly, when I took the National Teachers Exam for Social Studies many moons ago, I scored in the 99th percentile and I’ll tell you this…

Social sciences in the universities are nothing resembling “science”. They are the dumping ground for second rate SJW[?] future lawyers. Pseudo-scientific gibberish. And humanities and ejucayshun are even worse. Even business programs have been corrupted.

Unless you want an engineering or tech/hard sciences degree, you WILL end up thousands, tens of thousands of dollars in debt for being brainwashed with worthless ideology these days.

Better to spend those wasted years working and building up real skills – opportunity cost.

I hate this on so many levels, because I love the ideal of a scientific approach to non-hard sciences, believe such is possible and rarely practiced, but…

Channel [your] … Trump


Is John Kasich Right?

Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is beached and it’s anybody’s guess whether another fifty million dollars, another hundred celebrity endorsements or hundreds of super-delegates is enough to push the big white whale back into the ocean.

Besides it looks like even if she makes it to the convention beating Bernie fair and square, which would the first time in her life Hillary ever faired and squared anybody, there would be a tremendous revulsion among an amazing number of Democrat women. Especially the downy cheeked Liberal Arts types hoping to see the barn-burning Sandinista from Vermont rivet a worker’s paradise on our backs in order to usher in a fairer, more diverse, inclusive, sensitive and “caring” America.  A nation shorn of any trace of glass ceilings, gluten, soybean oil, fossil fuels, all White Oscars or plastic supermarket shopping bags.

And Hillary can’t afford to have them sit this one out. She needs to shame or frighten every Liberal woman into voting for her just like she needs every minority vote, every government employee, Gay, Lesbian and Transsexual, every radical environmentalist and every inner city Ohioan who cast six or seven ballots in 2012.

Otherwise she won’t win the general.

Because nobody really likes her and the betting is even steven that she’ll be indicted by the Obama administration despite her increasingly pathetic campaign promises to continue his legacy. Not to mention the almost certain wager that a pair of her panties is about to be discovered under the passenger seat in one of Goldman Sachs’ limousines.

But the only other national name the Democrats have in addition to Michelle Obama (wouldn’t that be rich) is Joe Biden and he isn’t much of an alternative. The man certainly looks good in a suit, that is looks presidential, people do like him and if elected he’ll mindlessly support the Liberal agenda while lining the pockets of the Left’s crony capitalists but problems rain down from the sky like the hail of frogs you sometimes get after a tornado whenever the poor smuck opens his mouth.  Something which is true even when he steals his speeches like he did from Neil Kinnock all those years ago and had to drop out of that race for the Presidency.

So unless the Democrat Party gets that great mammal floating again they’ll have to settle on someone else, someone now unsuspected and more to the point unbaggaged like Facebook C.O.O. Sheryl Sandberg.  Or resign themselves to having Donald Trump waterbroad(sic) them with a real vengeance by selecting the Liberal pastiche and sometime native-American ElizabethWarren.

All of which means that John Kasich may be right when he jokes that he’s running in the wrong primary.

This is the original, the AT version was edited by AT.

Typical AT Comments In Regard To A Discussion Of Muslim Politics In This Election Year

If over the long term, the U.S. can keep its Muslim population at the one per cent mark , it will once again be the envy of the Western World. Islam and Muslims are to Humanity and Human Rights as anti-matter is to matter.”in the End, there can be only One” If he is a Muslim,he can not be moderate.And if he is moderate,he can not be a Muslim.